Without Your Mental Pen

What is a writer without writing? 

Lost. Indifferent. Not “themselves.” 

As a writer I believe it is even more eye opening to write along with our thoughts versus keeping them bottled up.

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Everything is alright & will be

What’s going to happen, what’s happening, what am I doing?

I tell myself.

My insides are raging daily with these thoughts.
But you know what I’ve noticed?
It’s never been such a big deal that it has ruled my life, my days.

I’m sitting here uncertain about my decisions and how things are going to go down here soon…

But you may not know it.
It isn’t like I smile a fake smile and cover up how I feel.

I just actually feel really good.

So what if I lost everything today?

I’d (hopefully) still be alive to enjoy whatever I had left.

If I were homeless why couldn’t I still be happy?

Why couldn’t I look back on everything that HAS happened and be ever so grateful?

Accept what is.

Stop freaking out about what isn’t, what “won’t” or “will”.

Because you don’t have control over that.

You can’t put everything on yourself and run around wearing yourself out.


You’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. It’s all fine.

And then beyond that guess what you’ll find…

It’s actually all super great.

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A Dull Pencil is Pointless

“I wish I didn’t have anything to worry about.” 

You don’t. You actually don’t.

Now you can tell me you’re worried about something out of your control, that’s understandable. I can very much sympathize and know there are some horrible things people go though and each day they even be wondering if it is their last.

But even as I type this I could be studying instead. So. If I worry or stress about my upcoming assignments that is completely on me. If I’m so worried, I should change something about it.

And therefore, have nothing to worry about.

Because I chose to do what I am doing.

Worrying is this thing our minds do to trick us. We start freaking out about things that aren’t actually happening or they haven’t yet. 

That’s such a waste.

Because what do we know? 

Anything we want to do we have to put forth the effort. 

Anything that is hard is going to take some work. 

Whining about it(guilty) will get there you to your destination much slower.

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My best friend asked me what I thought of her, and how blessed I am to know these things are true.

One day I want to think, ah yes, that was my best friend. Our souls will always be.


“I think of someone who is sure of herself, the attitude of not letting people walk on you is something you have. You never let lovers take advantage of you, you’re not weak. You don’t change your life for people. I think of someone who likes sharks and is really sweet to people. Probably deep down likes them more than I do. I think of someone who likes to do risky things because they know life is too short. Some people are so boring, you are art.”

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& You’ve Just Got to Know

You’ve just got to know that life is all about these crazy happenings.

When you’re sitting there with your head in your hands, I want you to please, please remember that everything you’re going through will make sense.

There is so much to you. There is so much to each of us. The weird thing about life is that we wouldn’t be the built up persons that we are without these happenings.

All of the pieces create us.

The good, the bad, and the confusing.

All of the people that come & go.

You’ve just got to know.

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Something to Believe In


You’re a slave to your mind…

Break free!

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I just

Decided there was nothing more I needed. One day I woke up and realized kisses on the cheek from my granma were far more important than cold kisses from someone careless. One day I decided that looking up at the evening sky with my best of friends was far more delightful than some temporary guy holding my hand at sunset.
See you don’t need someone, you don’t need a soul mate. You may want one because you currently do not have one, but that shouldn’t make you bitter. Open your eyes to see the life passing you by, you don’t want to be missing these precious moments, these precious people.

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