Free Spirit, Thankful Heart

I’ve always been afraid
I’ve always been nervous
Up until now
My eyes have been opened 
Whilst keeping my identity I have discovered new sides of me
I have learned for myself what it’s like to be alone
To rely on me
I have learned what is really wrong and what is really exaggerated
I have always been free spirited & now that I actually can be 
My heart is truly happy
I’ve never quite been this happy with who I am.
All these experiences are creating my life story without even trying
Nothing is forced.
Each day is a journey or a discovery.
I have met so many new people whom I wouldn’t trade for anything
Everything is as it should be.
The down side is missing home. Missing all who loved me first.
If you truly appreciate a person, you’ll never forget them
I wouldn’t be where or who I am without those people.
Your roots are your foundation. 
They don’t rule you the rest of your life, the rest is up to you
How you build off of that foundation is up to you.
Truly be thankful for where you are and how you got there 
Everything else will fall into place.
All will be ok.




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