I’ve found Myself

I don’t need to be ashamed by how I feel. How I think. Who I am. I am proud of who I have become. Not everyone gets it. Not everyone understands. What you have to do is take that and use it. Embrace it. You aren’t predictable. There is nothing wrong with misunderstanding. If someone […]

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The game Of Life.

This life is so full of so many great things. I enjoy all aspects. Even the bad. I have learned the bad makes the good better. The bad is that push or pull that you need in order to learn. In turn, looking back all experiences are good. I had had my heart “broken” a […]

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Treacherous Feels.

Pull your heart back!  Don’t let it fall too hard. Feelings tug at hearts and bring them down further and faster than intended. Slowly let go. And reel your heart back in if you feel you need to.

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