I’ve found Myself

I don’t need to be ashamed by how I feel. How I think. Who I am. I am proud of who I have become. Not everyone gets it. Not everyone understands. What you have to do is take that and use it. Embrace it. You aren’t predictable. There is nothing wrong with misunderstanding. If someone doesn’t quite understand but they stick around, at least they are curious. You cause them to wonder. All people have ever said about me is “You’re really something.” “You’re weird.” “I don’t get it.” “There’s something about you.” 

I’ll never know my purpose in life until I leave it, but I like my place in being a thinker, a feeler, a lover, a wonder-er/wanderer, adventurer. Being different has become my favorite trait about myself.

I don’t even care if I am in this thing alone.


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