There are some Great People Out There

There are people that walk on this earth everyday, loving special people. Ones that try to love everyone.

You might meet them at a perfect time. You may even reject their love. But still they stay around.

They’re there when you need them. These people are wonderful beings. Yet they are taken advantage of. They are pushed aside.

The thing is they are capable of loving more than anyone else. They are selfless. They’d give up everything for you.

Still you’d rather be loved by someone who doesn’t care.

It’s ironic the way we work.

What if we stuck with the ones who truly matter? What if we loved for the sake of being in love?

We could end up with a happily ever after if we weren’t so prideful. Don’t let these special ones go. Rather hold tight to them. 

These people are hardcore, old fashioned, strong-hearted lovers.

They are special people.



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