This isn’t supposed to sound Morbid

My family will always be number one in my heart as far as loving people goes. I may not be home all the time, and they may get on my nerves from time to time. But my gosh I love them. I am blessed to say my parents are still married. I am blessed to say we get along. I am blessed to be so undeservingly supported by them. Have you ever thought about what you’d do without someone you love so much? I think of that with my mom & dad so often because we all are only getting older….It scares me. I never want to see them in pain, sickness, or well…dying. I know it might be weird to think in such a way but that is just how much they mean to me. The older I get the more appreciative I am. I want to make these times count. 

I think of making them proud sometimes & it brings me to well almost, tears. Isn’t that odd? Sometimes I’ll even just find a song with lyrics that I know my dad would like and I get all fuzzy inside. 

My love in my heart is fully devoted to my family because in the end they are there. I love people, friends, strangers, distant relatives. But my family I feel the most for. For them I know for a fact I would take a bullet.



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