Am I Capable?

The power of being someone is within you. The courage is within you. You already know you are worth it, what are you afraid of? The only uncertain thing, perhaps, is WHO you are. The coolest thing is, it’s up to you. I’ve got two legs that aren’t broken, Eyes that can see, Ears to […]

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Sentimental coffee shop

Even though life is pulling me into a new chapter No matter where I end up I’ll never forget this place or the stories it brought with it I’ve learned so much about life through meeting the excitingly weird & different people here.

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Never Play

20 years old. If there’s anything I’ve learned in these 20 years, It’s that the advice I have received from my elders haven’t been a load of malarkey or a bunch of hooey. For the most part, what my parents have warned me about have been valid and crucial. When I left home a few […]

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Take Your Time With Me

I am a work in progress. Much like all of you. Relationships are a big deal. They have a major learning effect on you. If you have already made mistakes in the game of “love”, like myself, Then you are probably more guarded after falling for someone each time. You learn the warning signs, you […]

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