Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

“Yes I’m so excited to go smoke tonight. Sadly I’ll have to go back home & be miserable again.”

“I get drunk on the weekends to make up for my crappy week at work.”

“I just want to find someone who loves me, anyone.”

“At the end of the day I feel so alone, it doesn’t matter if I ‘m surrounded by good company.”


Why are we having so much fun but still feeling empty?

Lately I have been seeing & hearing, & this goes for me as well, people finding temporary satisfaction.

I just want to holler at them and yell “UM HELLO YOU NEED JESUS, DUH.” 

But that would be hypocritical of me considering lately I have found temporary love in my own life.

I always have this memory of one of my favorite youth pastors saying ” God is the only one who can satisfy. Everything else is temporary.”

And you know most people move on from one fix to the next living their entire lives lost.

But it’s not like you can just tell them about it, or can you?

A lot of people reject the idea of church.

Well listen pal, I haven’t gone to church in about two years.

“Well you must have grown up on it.”

Only slightly, my family & I started giving it a try when I was eleven off and on.

Besides, in the area in which I live, church seems to be a big waste of time.

So church, you won’t find undying satisfaction there either.

“Well most ‘christians’ have treated me more poorly than anyone else.”

This may be true, in many, many cases Christians judge far more than they should.

Actually we’re not supposed to judge at all.

Plus I just felt weird typing, “we’re” , I hate giving myself or anyone a label.

Also I don’t believe in religion or practices.

That’s not the point, though.

God will not judge you or betray you.

I don’t care what christian tells you you’re going to hell.

Or what atheist tells you He hates us all.

Since you can’t see Him you don’t even give Him a chance.

But don’t you wonder?

If I just now at this point of my life heard of this God-thing,

I’d be entirely curious of something very real.

Then again I am an open person.

That’s why debates on same-sex marriage and strict commandments confuse me.

All I know is the reason I am always happy, 

(some people have wondered how)

is because at the end of the day I am not alone.

I feel as if I have someone patting me on the back saying “You did your best.”

It’s a fatherly love I can’t comprehend, I can’t put into words.

For that, I am satisfied.

*Side note, I’m not saying that looking for love, smoking, or drinking is wrong, I’m saying they won’t make you truly happy deep down*


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