It’s much easier to write out in words just how great of a legacy I have to follow in my father. His story could move people. His life is a testimony. The thing with my dad is I don’t believe he realizes just how great he is. Like all of us there are times where […]

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Be the change

This week has been rough. Have you ever gone through one of those time periods where you feel on top of the world, so loved & successful? You’ve felt like everything was in place? Well how about that & then suddenly one week comes upon you and everything crashes down? Life isn’t perfect you’re going […]

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Blessings everywhere

I write so much about how far I’ve come & where I came from. It just really tugs at me. I know for a fact I’d be some messed up kid in Springfield if my dad hadn’t remarried after my mothers death. He would have been a single dad over 6 kids total. He met […]

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& Love Always

My heart is full for the most part these days. I’ve always wanted to live a life of love. Now I’ve made it. Now I’ve lifted that focus. Placed in me is a heart that can feel. A heart like we were meant to have, one that feels what others are feeling & tries to […]

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An Emotional Struggle

I’ve fought in my heart the feelings that I had for you.   I kept saying, I never really loved you. When I know I did..   I can’t stop thinking about you, but yet when I see you it’s not the same. I can’t feel what I did.   I screwed myself up. Romantic […]

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