Blessings everywhere

I write so much about how far I’ve come & where I came from. It just really tugs at me. I know for a fact I’d be some messed up kid in Springfield if my dad hadn’t remarried after my mothers death. He would have been a single dad over 6 kids total. He met my step mom and she has changed our lives. I wouldn’t have a love for listening to people if it weren’t for her. Growing up I watched her talk to everyone, judge no one. My dad worked hard. & many times we struggled with money but prospered in love. I used to say we are a messed up family because sometimes we can’t communicate well and we offend each other but that’s really not the case. All families tumble but they tumble together . I’ve seen the wealthy side & I’ve seen the dump side. For that I’m grateful. Grateful because I do not rely on money as a source of happiness. It’s all a blessing in disguise. We live in an imperfect world so bad things happen to good people. But because my sister had cerebral palsy we love the ones who can’t fend for themselves & from watching her everyday we know their struggle. Because both sides of the family two grandparents were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s we know to understand those who are weak and can not. Because I lost my favorite uncle to cancer I know what it’s like to love & lose someone you can’t get back. So now when someone else is going through it I can jump in their shoes and feel what they feel. I want to try.
Your struggle is not a punishment. In a lesson somehow, it is going to bless someone else in some way. Like a chain reaction the blessings will continue on. We just need to realize it isn’t all bad & it isn’t the end. It could benefit someone else, & if we can let go of our selfish pride, we’ll see that.


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