& Love Always

My heart is full for the most part these days.


I’ve always wanted to live a life of love.


Now I’ve made it.


Now I’ve lifted that focus, Jesus lifted that selfish focus off of me. 


He placed in me a heart that can feel.


A heart like we were meant to have, one that feels what others are feeling


& tries to love the ones who hate the ones who are broken.


I’m not me without Christ. So don’t think for a moment I’m this really nice, genuine person on my own. 


No I am an average girl.


But I know my God. I know what it means to love. I know that is all Christ wants us to do.


Whole-heartedly love.


Because there is eternity in Christ I know this love is a forever thing. 


& I know love is the only thing unbreakable.





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