Be the change

This week has been rough.

Have you ever gone through one of those time periods where you feel on top of the world, so loved & successful? You’ve felt like everything was in place?

Well how about that & then suddenly one week comes upon you and everything crashes down? Life isn’t perfect you’re going to have bad days & good days.

I just lost sight of that this week.

The key that I’ve chosen to use is holding out for the good days. I can’t allow negativity to enter my mind. It really is a mindset. This week I let people’s words & actions towards me determine how I felt each day. Also I have been tired , much more tired than I am used to. My energy is lacking. I started to lose faith in myself because I’ve had to learn so much new material lately & I grew afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Well all up until today.

I went into work forcing a smile & it bloomed into a natural one. I decided to think about why someone might be taking their stress out on me. People go through junk . A lot of junk. Far beyond the junk I’ve had to deal with in my entire lifetime. I don’t want to add to it it or make matters worse.

Also I’m probably the wrong one. I’m the reason I feel the way I feel. It’s no one else’s fault. It’s all about choice.

Today I’m continuing to choose to be a light, to be free, to love, & to be happy.


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