Another Old Post…

Monday, September 24, 2012 Could you imagine being someone who has left their mark on other people’s lives? Someone who left a legacy to follow behind?   I always wanted to know what it would be like at my own funeral, who would go, who would care. I think about it more, and all I […]

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The Way Things Are Intended

Everything does happen for a reason, in my belief.   But I also believe in the saying “If you want something go get it.”   That last one & patience don’t mix very well. So happy medium? Taking oppurtunites if they appear, if they don’t come upon me then they aren’t meant to happen. At […]

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Surprise Telescope

My aunt really surprised my uncle with this gift. She always brings it up when we talk of great Christmas memories. He really had no idea. She brought it on over to my house and he opened his beauty while everyone was exchanging gifts. Now I was only about 5 or 6 for this Christmas […]

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What you learn can be what someone else learns through you.   Through my confusion & unsettled heart & dealing with letting someone go who never said goodbye, My reaction is what mattered most. & I chose to move on.  I can’t lie, it still haunts me. But I am who I am through going […]

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Wonder Babe

I always had this look on my face, mystery & wonder. Supposedly I was always up to something. I say adventure. & so my father has called me “the wondrous one” ever since.

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