The Way Things Are Intended

Everything does happen for a reason, in my belief.


But I also believe in the saying “If you want something go get it.”


That last one & patience don’t mix very well.

So happy medium?

Taking oppurtunites if they appear, if they don’t come upon me then they aren’t meant to happen.

At least maybe not now.

Playing God can be easy especially since we are the ones in charge of our thought process & what we really want.

It will never work out as beautifully without him though.

The best things that have happened to me this year & last are the things I least expected.

& they are the very things I’ll never forget.

He lines things up in His way, but it’s also for your benefit.

After all you are His child & He cares for you like a father.

If He takes something away, He has something better.


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