Another Old Post…

Monday, September 24, 2012

Could you imagine being someone who has left their mark on other people’s lives? Someone who left a legacy to follow behind?
I always wanted to know what it would be like at my own funeral, who would go, who would care. I think about it more, and all I want is to have had some effect on each person I come in contact with.
My Grandpa has done just that.

It’s been two months since he’s been gone, going on three. Still my family mourns.
Grandpa was a light all on his own, before and after he got alzheimer’s disease. He always joked and pranked. When my siblings and I would wake up at my grandparents’ house my grandpa would always come in the room saying “I jumped out of the tree into the swimming pool this morning, you just missed it!” We also used to say he was Santa Clause undercover.

He always worked hard. He always had this way about him, his grin brought the biggest smile to anyone’s face. He was awesome. and I miss him so much. No one will forget his words, phrases, or facial expressions. He left a huge mark on the people who love him most, at his funeral there were people I’ve never seen before, a bunch of them, who were touched by him as well. I mean wow. What an honor to be related to such a man. He served in the Korean war and made one heck of a pizza. <>

He was so full of love. I hope I can accomplish that by the end of my life.

I love you grandpa.


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