Mind Over Matter


It was easy to relate to others when everything was going right & the blessings were just pouring out of the woodwork.

It was easy to see their point of view, it was easy to love through negativity.

With ups there are downs, not as a bad thing, as mentioned in a post previously, everything is good or has a good outcome.

With new challenges though, I am finding myself constantly reminding myself to be happy.

“Just smile Kristen.” I say under my breath. I don’t want to be the cause for someone else to have a bad day, I really don’t.

I’m holding this debris that is coming at me or down on me, with not wanting to break who I am and not wanting to go back to who I was, I am pushing back.

Let’s face it sometimes it is easier than others to be happy. Sometimes we have every excuse, every allowance, every reason…to throw in the towel or just lose it.

It’s all a matter of how you handle life’s waves.

You can let the waves consume you, take you away to where you don’t want to go, and just lay motionless accepting fate and giving up.


You can push through the current making it to the other side, swing out of that rip tide, look up at that tidal wave & say “Bring it”.






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