Climbed A Mountain & I Turned Around

Life is more than four seasons, it is a constant change.

Salute to what has happened if it is fading. If you feel like those were better times, DON’T.

Just stop right there.

All time periods are different, great in their own way.

My life even just a few months ago has melted into another masterpiece.

Some people are disappearing but I love them, oh I love them, I love how they affected my life.

I’m making big decisions again, but it has gotten so much easier the older I get.

My family is getting older, but at least I can spend as much time with them as I can.

I came to my senses and ran back to my love,

who welcomed me back with open arms because he never stopped loving me…

I came to the ultimate conclusion God is the reason for this season, the season called life.

He loves you.

Just accept that & you will feel so at peace won’t care to even pay attention to your fears & stress.

He is constantly pouring love into my heart and guiding my steps.

I have nothing but faith in him.

With that I have no worries.







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