They Are The Wonderous Ones


Really honestly the people with down’s syndrome or cerebral palsy or any disability make me the happiest. You’ll see them just smiling away.

They are just happy and smiley and they aren’t worried about what people think. I just love that. So many people take pity on them when they should be taking positive influence from them. I’ve never thought they were weird or scary. I’ve never been annoyed by them (well just my sister, but she is my sister 😉 ).

I have felt bad though. Kids on my bus as a kid used to make fun of them and I wouldn’t stand for it. Then they would calm down and just ask..’but why are they like that, what happened?’
Can’t really explain that except everyone is the way they are for a reason and yes if it were up to me they wouldn’t have to deal with the physical and mental struggles that the rest of us don’t have to go through.
At the same time, this life isn’t perfect, but there are silver linings, a lot of them.
And one is these people brighten my life.
You’ll be going through some, financial, emotional, or physical struggle and you’ll look up and see this person across the room, “HI!” they say, huge grin on their face.
They don’t even care they don’t know you. But they want to.
And sometimes they already consider you their best friend.


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