It will all be Fine

“…You can’t make everybody happy all of the time…”




“…I’ve found myself in the place I’ve never been, a place I thought I’d never be…”




I don’t know what God is telling me at this point in life…but I know He gives & takes away.

There is purpose for that….

It’s really hard when you are alone. But repeating this in your mind over & over until the storm calms,

will make it easier, at least, that’s what I am seeing.

Today I was driving home from work, I gave this awkward, weird, confusing time in my life some thought.

Some obvious thought.

I said to myself “Kristen you dumb bunny, you have totally disregarded God in this whole situation.”

“If you would allow Him to take over things could become so clear, and loving those who despise you could become easy again.”

The best times in my life, aka last year into the beginning of 2014, were the times I looked up & smiled and praised.

Good times are coming..doesn’t mean soon, doesn’t mean years from now.


But they are coming…


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