On a Brand New episode of “Life” Crazy Week Pt. 2

The beautiful sappy side?

My best friend of years past is getting married and I get to be apart of it.

I am so extremely honored and humbled.

This ceremony is going to be one we all will remember, because the two coming together define real love.

I guess it is as if everyone grew up in this week.

My lovely coworkers had said, “Everything happens all at once.”

They have never been more correct.

It seems like we are all moving, getting engaged, married, having babies, and families.

I guess I just expected it a little later than our early twenties, I guess I thought we all had more time goofing around and blowing money on stupid junk and creating stupid memories with new experiences.

The age thing I mean, isn’t really a big deal, after all.

This week I am so glad to be apart of my wonderful friends lives, and I am so glad they can come to me, I am so glad when they are excited they can comfortably come to me exclaiming “Kristen guess what!”

It seemed like I was in a dodge ball game of news though, there’s this, and that, and this, and oh don’t forget that, I have to tell you, and this and that and this and that.

It had seemed like every emotion I had for these people was being put to use.

All of my heart strings used in one week.


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