On a Brand New Episode of “Life” Crazy Week Pt. 3

I had left work on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, almost an entire week since the chaos began.

Almost made it a week, almost free from the out of ordinary news.

Until I recieve a photo on my phone from my sister, “oh okay hey sis you don’t usually do this but whatever.”

So I open the message.

The message reads, and I kid you not, “I’m engaged!” with a picture of a beautiful rock on her finger.

I felt bad because like I have told some of you, at this point I was drained, I closed my phone and said “I’m done!” with a crazed, tired smile.

I felt like Squidward in that really old episode of Spongebob where his head deflates.

I am immensely happy and excited don’t get me wrong! And after a fews days rest, I was back to me again.

Everything that has happened was going to happen anyway. I feel like maybe I had felt overwelmed and thrown into so many emotional pits due to the fact that for the past couple of months I haven’t felt like me, I have been cold and selfish.

I had been dying to get out of that negative rut.

That week, I became aware again of all the things we ALL go through. All the things we all feel. I became aware again I am not the center of the universe.

So I am thankful for that week. I am thankful for the love shown for a loved passed away, I am thankful for my sister’s and frend’s new chapter.

I am thankful for everything and everyone.

Blessed to be apart of the crazy week.

There were other things that had happened, but it is neither my business to say or even needed. You all understand.

Much love,



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