Thankful for such a love

I insist on doing things for myself.

I don’t need help, and I wouldn’t want to burden anyone the trouble of asking for assistance.

Sure of myself I run off to the next big thing, “I got this” I say.

And I will take my eyes off the goal for a moment long enough to return to it and smack right into another closed door.

You don’t laugh at me though.

You don’t offer a snide, “I told you so.”

You pick me up & you dust me off..

Every time.

What a privilege it is to belong to you.

You are constantly holding me.

You stay during triumph and failure.

You are there.

You help me up, you keep me on the path.

In times I wander, perhaps too far away,

you teach me so much through all of my shortcomings.

When I get lost you bring me right back.

You pat me on the back and you show me when I do wrong.

You love me as your own.

Your love is a deep, incredible, unfathomable, love.

My protector, my hero, my joy.

Dear God how thankful I am to call you Father.





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