Wonder Instead of Worry

Think of all the great things you’ve seen!

Think of all the newborns you have met,

Quite possibly the mountains and or the sea!

Think of all the sunsets & sunrises!

Think of all the storms you have survived,

Literally and figuratively!

Think of how many times your expectations were exceeded!

Think of how many times they were less than expected!

Possibilities happening everyday. Change occurring whilst we speak. Exciting how different things can be.

There is hope in wonder. Glittering eyes looking upward and believing.

Seize the day my friend, so much is happening, has happened, and will happen.

Get ready for more stories.

Get ready for more triumphs.

Get ready to discover.

Worrying is easy, don’t let it take over.

Replace the fears in your heart with hope.

Give these days all you’ve got.

Give without receiving or even thought, just give with your heart.

Use it.

Wonder what could be, wonder how you could be so lucky as to be who you are & to know who you know.

In the pursuit of happiness, wonder wins the battle against worry, every time.



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