Reason for the Season

Perhaps Jesus wasn’t born December 25th and maybe this whole holiday season, year after year, is one great big gimmick to get us all on a spending frenzy.
Perhaps we get sucked into the glow of glittering lights, consumed by aromas of baked goods and egg nog, and enlightened by the look of wonder on our children’s faces when the man in red comes to town.
We can argue, this isn’t what Christmas is all about. Money, money, money is all some of us think of. It’s sickening to think that nice lady who works at Kohl’s down the road will not be with her family Christmas Eve.

Before you become an Ebeneezer Scrooge, my advice to you is to remember love. Remember the love of your parents through your childhood, through now. Remember the times throughout the year someone has made you smile, times you made others smile.

It doesn’t matter what you give, it doesn’t matter the cost, it never will in the end.

Your heart is what matters.

Lift up your spirit, pour some joy into your heart, and let your words speak light.

The best gift we have is Jesus and Jesus is love.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and joy and love.

I wish you the very best family filled holidays,

I wish you memories you’ll never forget.




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