Moments of bliss. Nostalgia. Pure happiness. Just sitting at Sola Cafe far from home this week, with my dear friends catching up on barista tales & our current relationship statuses. These are the moments I live for. These are the mental Polaroids I keep with me forever.

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How Could I be so Lucky

Need I say any words? Dad you have been through so much, and because of that your love is so real and unbreakable. This life’s challenges have changed us as a family and the real reason is because we have stumbled but gotten up again. I am so thankful for those battles, for those failures. […]

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Take Notice

Our minds can be stripped of their intelligence and our souls of their compassion. I can fall into the routines of norm & get used to being too tired to call up Grandma and tell her I love her or too busy to drop everything and make time for a night out with my best […]

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