Keep Trying Mama

My stress free lifestyle comes from you.

You always believe, I rarely find you overwhelmed.

Your heart is huge, gigantic, and you’d never want me to give up my dreams.

Whilst you are in trouble, still, you ask that I don’t abandon what I want to do to help.

This one is for you.

You believe there is always a way. You aren’t naive no, nor careless, rather…faithful.

How could I have gotten this far in life, how could I rationalize how things work without you.

You’ve planted a seed of pure, inspiring, hope in me.

Things always turn out the way they are intended.

And normally pretty well for us. We survive.

We are loved from above and you believe that wholeheartedly.

You draw us together, you are the glue.

You’ve always wanted things at peace, family traditions valued, and love to be at the center.

I fear mama we bring this unwanted chaos to you.

Still, you hold onto your happiness and warm spirit.

Things are grey mama…but I’m not leaving you. I am always with you.

I love you and I pray things never get so hard you throw in the towel.

You aren’t in this alone.

Keep your glorious, heavenly way about you mom, things will work out…they always do.



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