Running off to your House

The rush of love, oh the naïve thoughts of a confident 19 year old me, the faith in an older fellow who claims to care. Canceling plans with friends, last minute drives to your house, running off to see you yet again. For another sleepless night wondering if our feelings are really mutual. Causing a […]

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And you love me & I love you & your heart hurts, mine does too.  I want to do everything for my family. I want to protect them fully & take the pain away. I want them to feel fully happy.

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Feeling So Alive

I feel free in happiness and faith. I find joy in knowing that no matter what happens, everything will turn out the way it should. My heart is full and my stress is at zero. I may never leave this place, or I may leave it the first chance I get, but I will create […]

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