There is Good Reason For not Knowing

What would life be if we knew all the answers?

Perhaps we’d be puppets to God.

Perhaps we’d never slip up, especially if we knew what the outcome would be.

Failure is always a lesson we all learn and how beautiful it is.

How great emotion and pain are that come with the uncertainty.

Oh to wonder! Constantly. If we knew there would not be any room for wonder. We would just know.

The frustration is a part of the learning process, to live and let be, to let go and let God.

It’s a head spinning thing to think of, the universe being so vast and unknown.

Like our own little lives. Our own little choices and hearts.

What DO we know about our futures? Surely not much if anything.

A reminder we are not in control, and how fortunate that is.

How fortunate the holder of the stars has it all figured out..



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