Easy come, Easy Go & a Little Scripture

Sitting in my car watching the rain drops drip down my windshield I decided to turn on my Sinatra jams and listen before I went into work.

This song “Here’s to the Losers” by Frank came on and it isn’t mopey at all, it makes me want to dance. Even though its referring to people who can’t catch a break basically.

I’ve been caught up in things I can’t control and allowing things to make me upset.

Until that faithful day one of our regulars came in, and honestly I don’t remember what brought it up, but he said his birthday is April 11th which helps him remember Philippians 4:11. And he pretty much lives his life by this.

What does Philippians 4:11 say? To be content in ANY situation.

So I can dance in the street even if my finances get a little rocky, I can find something to smile about even if I fail a test, I can travel the world knowing I may never find that romance everyone talks about.

There is good in everything, and I love that. It’s not a bad life, a bad day doesn’t make a bad life nor does a bad week.

Seasons sweep in and seasons sweep out. Without stages this life would be a bore.

We are alive and we are loved, let’s rejoice!


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