Unraveling Travelling

You’re not really going to know yourself as much as you could if you never take that leap you’re afraid of taking. At least, that is what has been revealed to me in recent weeks.

My advice to anyone wanting to leave where they have been for so long, anyone longing for change, anyone wanting to see more, and anyone moving on from their comfort zone, is if you’re considering it, you should probably do it.

Once you do,

definitely don’t give up.

Keep going.

The 600 mile distance from my family and friends has not been easy. The first few weeks down here, as a few of you probably remember my late night phone call rantings, I was sure I would be backing out before this year was over with.

I’ve had my share of fear, stress, lonesome thoughts, and many more tears than I am used to shedding.

My faith in God shifted into despair and disbelief in myself. I felt so out of place, but you know, of course I did, this is not home nor has it ever been. Why would I immediately fit in?

You are going to feel like you’ve made a mistake.

You haven’t, no matter whether you end up back home or not, you have not made a mistake.


There was a night, last week I think it was, where the only thing in my heart was grace and peace.

I was slumped in between two rocks on the shore, the crashing waves just to my right, sherbet colored evening sky up above, barely anyone around..I felt…really okay.

More like more okay than okay.

Thoughts and fears of finances melted into thankfulness of being free and knowing nothing will stop me from being happy.

Thankfulness for being in such a beautiful place, not everyone gets a chance like this.

I felt so grateful for the good and the bad that will come out of this.

I felt God touching my heart with love and realization that things will be okay.

If you can make it past those fears there is not much you can’t do.

Know you are a beautiful, capable human being, no matter what you do with your life.

Just never feel like your dreams and goals are impossible.



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