I see it all so clear

& here it is, another swing of change, another pull on my heart so strong it cannot be ignored.

Another time where things make sense and I’m able to catch my breath and stand upon another step God is helping me up.

I’m looking over my shoulder tonight, metaphorically speaking, and I’m just smiling so big.

My heart is just so stretched with hope and faith.

Knowing you’ve gone through so much to get you where you are, knowing the Creator of the Stars has your best interest in mind at all times even when you do not see it, realizing you were forcing a puzzle piece that did not fit and once you let it go more pieces fell together.

Tonight I’m thinking about everything, well I guess that’s not quite possible for a night’s thought, but of many things that have happened over the span of a few months, this past year, a couple of years, and well my childhood.

So many random amazing things that have created who I am and without all, every single little/huge moment, I would not be the same.

I love those who have been on my path, even for the short bits of time, some even having only known a day, some only a stranger in a passing conversation!

Every single person each with their beauty in being a unique being separate from the rest.

All have helped me.

All whom God had made no accident.

All of the bad, the ugly, the awkward times have molded my life and without them I again, would not be the same. I can no longer dwell on the past and sigh sadly but more so my heart wells up with so much joy I wish I could further explain.

I’m just so seriously happy.

I’m not afraid of where I will end up because I believe it is where I will be meant. Until then, I will enjoy every pit stop and everyone along the way.



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