Leap of State Part 3

& Finally a decision was reached. So get this! Life has a way of coming up with twists, turns, U-turns, and loopy-dee-loops, even circles and cycles. My time in North Carolina was for an amazing purpose, some of this purpose I may never know until my last days on earth but for now I can […]

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Leap of State Part 2

So I didn’t get to be apart of what was originally orchestrated. The plan, the coffee shop business plan. Life sent me a big ol NOPE. So okay. I tried looking elsewhere.  I wandered down on Wrightsville Beach one day & noticed this charming upstairs cafe. The Post Cafe. This place was cute, picturesque, and […]

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Leap of State Part 1

A grand adventure It was 6 Am I hugged my mother tight goodbye. I backed out of my parent’s driveway for what was supposed to be the last time, with such an odd feeling. I felt like I should have been more sad, but I felt like I was in a dream or just going […]

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Exit Stage Left

So much has happened. So happy am I to continue my journey. It doesn’t stop here. (p.s. a long sentimental blog post of my 600 mile journey is in the works.)

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