Leap of State Part 1

A grand adventure

It was 6 Am

I hugged my mother tight goodbye. I backed out of my parent’s driveway for what was supposed to be the last time, with such an odd feeling. I felt like I should have been more sad, but I felt like I was in a dream or just going on a vacation.

I had very much support before this leap, my family and friends and even acquaintances. I am honestly lovingly surprised by how many people actually believed I would do it, how many believed in me.

Because I surprised myself. Driving down I just kept thinking, this is it. This is actually happening.

My move was for adventure, not running out of hatred or fear.

I’m not a big planner, I love taking things as they come, BUT I did have an idea of what I was getting into.

Or so I thought.

You see, I am a barista. I absolutely love being a barista. There are not many things that I love more than coffee or sharing it with people.

The Game Plan

So a dream had been planted. Oh yes a beautiful, hope filled dream to set up shop down here in good ol’ historic Wilmington. The gang including myself took to meeting in the office of our complex about everyday the first week we moved.

We all threw around opinions and ideas and decisions.

The dream had been sitting at limbo for the first week and a half. There were a lot of doubts and frustrations and financial stress.

The only thing I can really say more on this matter is, things change.

Sometimes hope is misplaced, sometimes practicality takes role over dreams.

Sometimes you learn more about who you are with and what is really happening underneath it all…if that makes sense, again I don’t feel it necessary to mention all the details.

Anyway we all called the whole thing off. No dream, no being a barista for another large portion of my life. No friendship coming out of this exactly the same.

Weeks had Passed

I was without a job for an entire month. That freaked me out. How did I make that?

Lord only knows. Literally He is the only one who knows because it is beyond me.

It was nice in a way to be free from work and have time to think about what I want considering being a barista owned by your friends was no longer an option.

But you know me, always trying to have fun anyway and find a silver lining.

There was a good point I thought of and it was “Not many people get this opportunity, whether or not there are worries on my plate. Not everyone gets to stand on the shore and stare out into forever blue.”

So beach days came, drinks downtown came, meeting of strangers came, and all in all those stressed induced adventure days were nice.We were just tired all the time, and I, very lost.

I still felt blessed beyond belief but I was very confused on whether or not I made a good decision, whether or not it mattered.

I just wanted to know what I was supposed to do. And I was very homesick but I felt that was normal and I had to push through it.

Come August 5th a beautiful gift to my life was given, may be over exaggerated, but it was in such good timing and more than what the doctor ordered.



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