Leap of State Part 2

So I didn’t get to be apart of what was originally orchestrated. The plan, the coffee shop business plan.

Life sent me a big ol NOPE.

So okay. I tried looking elsewhere. 

I wandered down on Wrightsville Beach one day & noticed this charming upstairs cafe. The Post Cafe.

This place was cute, picturesque, and the employees were incredible. Seemed too good to be true. Scene of the beach, beautiful sunsets to view while you make coffee for lovely people.

Nah, couldn’t happen. But I dropped off my resume and next thing I knew I was working in a shop that put me in a real life episode of Rockt Power.
I met a girl who loved stupid jokes and loving on people much like I do. Her husband and her dog were pretty awesome too.

I got to play my part and we all worked hard together behind that bar whilst having fun dancing and making inside jokes (never the same as my original coffee squad, but it was still a jolly good time).

So God’s just like “things fall apart so better things can come together” something like that. He cares you know.

I was just surviving and that was all I needed. Everything was fine.

I met really cool people. I created new memories and bonds.

My goodness you guys I learned so much.

Beautiful things were revealed to me & I honestly feel like my eyes were opened. So many things I had taken for granted and I just hold those things so dear.

So why am I in Ohio now?  


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