Leap of State Part 3

& Finally a decision was reached.

So get this! Life has a way of coming up with twists, turns, U-turns, and loopy-dee-loops, even circles and cycles.

My time in North Carolina was for an amazing purpose, some of this purpose I may never know until my last days on earth but for now I can definitely tell you it was worth it & helped me grow as a person.

So I decided to move home. I was homesick since day one but some nights towards the end of my NC journey I was just miserable, not to pity myself here but I felt this weight on my chest and things were not right. I was not me and I could not be in that place.

So doors opened up one week in September.

Job options, living options, and friends crying out saying it was possible to come home and encouraging me.

There was a day it all hit me. I felt like I was on this epic mission.

I was out on Wrightsville beach by myself in the evening. It was windy and overcast.

I decided this was it. I stared out at the ocean and proclaimed how beautiful it was but I also let it know I was very much over it.

I got a phone call from someone who had been worried by my short responses and then in a quick moment of thinking I told them the news.

I said I was coming back and I did not care what kind of a failure that made me. Fail or win I wanted to be back more than anything.

I marched down the beach, wind rustling my hair around my face, phone to my ear, and happily I passionately decided I was coming to Ohio and I could not have felt more satisfied with a decision. I was pumped.

A good, dear and new friend I made while in Wrightsville let me know this was not to be looked at as a setback, especially since that is what I wanted more than anything.

She told me this was part of my journey and that’s coming from someone who has live in several states.

I am very much honored for that opportunity and immensely thankful.

I am also very motivated for what is to come.




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