From being officially legal, to learning who my true friends were, to figuring out my commitment issues are real, to learning that as confident as you are alone, any second you can completely fall for someone. Only to find yourself having trouble getting back up again.

21 isn’t so bad, more so it is the experience year for me.

So the year started out with me dating someone unexpectedly & it almost being long term. I was actually commited to someone again.

I travelled to North Carolina for the first time. I took a week long vacation & learned drinking should be for special occasions.

I had to break up with that special someone, whom I did not want to, twice. I realized how loved I was once I had to leave. I left. I moved to a differently cultured beach town 650 miles away for 4 months. I struggled with longing and missing. My eyes were opened to being manipulated. I had the best summer ever finally. I swam in the ocean. I got stung by a jellyfish. I made new friends. I had a summer crush. I walked the shore in the moonlight until about 2 in the morning. I almost got towed but my guys saved the day. I learned the struggle of one of my roommates & felt sorrow for their lonesomeness. Every. Single. Person. Matters. No matter what they have done.

I kissed a stranger. I walked 4 miles on the beach at 6 am. I lost the guy I care most about.

I spent my last 2 weeks away doing all. The. Things.

I moved back victoriously. I celebrated my best friends birth week. I finally officially will never live with my old Ohio roomie ever again. I moved home. I see my parents work to live.

I went back to my old job and got a new one. Now here less than 2 months until I am 22 and all of these things have happened and more. I’m not sure where to go from here but I’m learning the phrase, “sit still”.



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