Journal Entry From July-August 2015

It’s hard for me to fully explain everything that happened while I was away, for you readers I’d love to share with you my experience, some of it, through some journal entries I had written while being down south.

There was a night here, maybe two weeks ago, where an idea was brought up, “Let’s drive until there isn’t land.”

We took off towards Kure Beach and Fort Fisher. There we were. Literally where the land ended. We climbed a hill and Shelby sat in a tree and I on a stump. Just looking off I felt so small in a good way. We drove back the other way a little bit and we were where the ocean was lined with boulders along the shore. The sky was a beautiful blue with pastels that made it look like sherbet that evening. There was a breeze and I felt perfectly okay in my jacket, sitting slumped between two rocks. I just kept looking around and taking it all in. I took deep breaths with every crashing wave. I started to feel immensely thankful. Beyond just “lucky to be there”. I was talking to God when I closed my eyes and thought of all the little things He has done just to say ‘I love you’.

It was more beautiful than I can tell you and that was a hard week…But that night was a dream and God revealed to me how good I actually have it.

Kure Beach Summer 2015
Kure Beach Summer 2015

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