The Wonderous Life of Kristen

For my beloved Granma; Sandra Nicholl


Having inspired people (I.e. Strangers, friends, family, coworkers) through my many stories and adventures, I have decided to write things down that have happened along the way. On this day November 23rd, 2015, I talked to my awesome Granma and in catching up with her she stops me, I pause in my rantings, she says “Now krissi you ought to write a book one day, seriously I don’t know, just keep a journal and you never know.” So I smiled at that. At the end of the phone call she suggested it again so I told her I’d definitely give her credit. So Granma if you’re reading this, here’s to you and you’re sparking ideas.
I am no celebrity. So I would not call this a biography. Though maybe they will come up with a new section in your local library or Amazon catgegories labeled “Irrelevant biographies about people you may or may not care to know about.” Who knows. Stranger things have happened. So we’ll see how many rules I can break here and how many readers I can keep.

At this point in my life I have zero college experience (well two weeks) and my brain is constantly working in an ADD manner. Bear with me?


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