The Blackest of Sheep

Here’s to the weirdos. Here’s to the misunderstood beautiful minds. Here’s to the undermined.

So hey I went on a day trip with my friends and it was glorious. Glorious because of nature, glorious because of reunion with my lifelong friend.

But you know what? It actually sucked too. It really sucks to feel alone. Especially with people you were once close to.

And I get it, when there is a group of three, there is bound to be a passive aggressive battle for who will be left as the third wheel, it just happens.

In my mind, this shouldn’t happen, especially as adults. But it does.

All day I kept questioning how I was questioned and when I wanted to be serious, the conversation turned into a joke.

I was always different. I guess that links to why I am so independent.

And I hate it when people use the term “You’re so weird.” in such a way that it isolates you from everyone else.

This feeling from yesterday is not their fault and it is not new.

I’m just out there. I’m okay with it. I’ll be remembered if anything.

Just because you feel alone does not mean you should not try to branch out.

But I will say it is important to spend time with people understand where you’re coming from. People who will listen.

You deserve to be heard. Trust me, I know what it is like to feel worthless. It sucks.

But it is so false. You are priceless. Be the blackest of sheep if you must, go all in. Continue not be more concerned with looks than loving other people. Be who you are. Do not be hindered. Keep shining in the dark. Be a light. Keep moving and do not be so easily defined.




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