Fix You

I know it’s hard to communicate just how much we care for another sometimes, even in family.

I know sometimes I prioritize my crazy life over family dinners and I often do not slow down long enough to spend much time with you.

I crumble whenever I think of you being hurt or sad. I may not show it but I feel it, deeply.

I love you Dad and I hope you know it.

You’ve been through hell and back, and through it all again and again.

I find it hard to keep my eyes dry as I type this. I feel so much respect for you Dad.

I know life gets hard and I just want to pick you and mom up and move you to a happier place. I want to pay for everything, I want to take your pain away.

“When you lose someone you can’t replace.” You’ve lost and gained through the years. You lost your first true love to and unexpected tragedy. You gained beautiful Mom. You lost your father, a truly wonderful man. You hurt yourself and struggled to work again, now you’re working again. You work harder than anyone I’ve known.

Dad I feel like some days you walk around aimlessly hoping to find some sort of purpose.

Dad please. Dad don’t feel insignificant. Dad I love you. We all love you. You’ve done so many things and your heart is huge. Dad I’m going to be something in your honor, I want to make you proud. I want to do everything I can to help you. Bring light to your days, do something to make ends meet.


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