I’m Okay in See-Through Skin

 I forgive what is within.


You accept a lot of things the older you get. You witness and experience. Conquer and fail. Be accepted or rejected. Time and time again. You today are still not a final product of who you are. These moments build or destroy who you are depending on what you do with them.

I have recently, yet again, accepted my imperfections. I have accepted there are things I cannot control. I have accepted that at times my choices are not the wisest. I know I can be just as cold as I dread to be.

& I forgive myself.

Because I know where my highs and lows are and I already know that there will always be days where I feel like I am top notch and others where I feel like a lost cause.

Because of this I can move forward.

I am bringing this up today to remind not only everyone but also; especially myself, that you have got to realize it is going to be okay and that stressing about your mistakes only mops the dirty floor with an even dirtier mop.

Recently I have feared that my own self-doubts and emotions have cost me my possible relationships and opportunities.

Most importantly I have been so afraid that I have been a “bad person” that I cannot fully express my love and thanksgiving for others around me. I focus too much on what to say and how wrong I am.

That’s not okay to do guys. Doing so hinders you from so many things. It is an irrational fear anyway. To worry about how horrible I am in the eyes of others. They matter oh yes of course, especially my family’s and friends’ opinions of me.


I am doing just fine, I love who I am truly, and if I fail, if I tend to not feel myself…it is okay because I will again and I will triumph in place of those failures. Everything is alright. I’m letting go and marching on.




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