In Life & Love

There is something I learn everyday but every now and then I hit a breakthrough.


This June 6th, 2016 my biggest thing is remembering love means putting someone else before me without even thinking twice about it.

In my friends’ lives and my family’s I want to be invested completely.

In the game of dating and seeing if I want to stay or if the other is willing to, what is important is how I see myself and how I can brighten someone else’s life.

So it is important to love yourself and don’t worry, this does not make you selfish. You have to know who you are first and you have to embrace who that is first before you can expect someone else to.

That is another thing a regular customer taught me today.

These people enlighten me every day;

So here I am, 22, still figuring things out, trying.

Trying to be that friend who listens, maybe more than that somehow. Trying to throw away my pride, my past, my selfish concerns, in order to love and live each day to the fullest.

In order to best love my life, my family, my friends, and everyone and everything else around, I let problems go, freely give and I decide to do everything from the bottom of my heart without terms & conditions.






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