The End Will Justify The Pain It Took To Get Us There

Do I believe in miracles? Blessings? Obviously. With my heart full of hope and my head of optimism you’d easily guess, yes, Kristen does believe.

But why? Is it just because? Because my life has been easy?

It’s because it hasn’t been. But it has never been as bad as it could be.

My family, financial situations, relationships and jobs have all had rough patches where I thought we’d never pull through and then we do, I am filled with hope that all things pass. And the good always outweighs the bad.

I always think it’s nice to share a testimony because we all go through things and sometimes we feel like we are the only ones until we share our experiences with someone else.

I may have been very close to being broke, plenty of times, and I will be again, BUT I have gotten to do the things I have wanted to do. This is far more important to me than money. And I am blessed to get all of my opportunities and be able to take them even if I am just barely riding the surface of financial stability.

This time last year things looked scary for my family in surviving. Here as of recent, that storm has passed, it took some time but I do not care. All storms come and go, some last longer, but the sun always returns. On top of it passing, it has passed with flying colors, things are even better than they were before they went south.

These kinds of things just make me overjoyed. I cannot contain myself. My insides jump around and I smile endlessly these days with thoughts of thanksgiving.




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