We Were Not Created to Hate One Another◘

Oh but does the universe not revolve around ourselves?

Are we not the protagonist in the story?

Are we not the only ones who could possibly have feelings?

We separate ourselves from each other by building this imaginary bubble around ourselves.

Anyone who comes in contact with us is another cool influence on OUR lives. Oh look, a new friend to add to my list of friends, now I have that much more. Yes. Add to MY life. Build ME up. I need it. I could use you so bad. But if you hurt me, I will drop you like a hat and suddenly I do not need you. I will move onto the next candidate.

What is this? What are we doing?

Collecting people like items or disregarding them like yesterday’s garbage.

Well no wonder, we can no longer relate.

In this event of pretending our life matters so much more than anyone else and that our heart’s are the most important, we abandon the love we could give to everyone else.

And wouldn’t the world benefit from a little selflessness.

My heart explodes when I am able to give.

My bitterness grows into an ugly, ugly monster when I give into pointing all of my focus upon myself. I become sicker and sicker in selfishness and in a downward spiral I ruin what I could possibly be, I ruin what someone else could be. By being a hate-filled fool I disregard other’s lives and I prove to them I do not care and I falsely show them they are worthless to me.

No one deserves to get their heart broken. No one intends to break hearts. If we would view each other as equals we would understand one another much better. We would realize the person sitting next to us in class, at that meeting, on the bus, at that coffee shop, has a life too and a unique story all their own.

You see I myself find it interesting, I do not mind if you are rich or poor, had a horrible childhood or a great one, work or do not work, pursue school or not, do drugs, or do not.

At the end of the day the bottom line is, WE. ARE. THE. SAME.

We are all people with different paths and stories, which makes us unique. So yes. Feel special, very special. We are not completely the same, just in the fact that we all live under the same sky.

But I tell you, if we could give the person with the speech imedement our patience, if we could acknowledge the elderly who may have no one else to talk to, if we could completely make it a blessing not a curse to have so many different nationalities and skin tones, maybe we could come together. We were created to be companions on the same earth. Maybe world peace is impossible. But maybe world toleration or compassion for the most part…is achievable.


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