Deep into the Mountain Sound

I just returned recently from the greatest trip of my life. Far more influential for me than when I moved to North Carolina even.

As one of the fellows from our group of 9 said on Friday night of our week long journey, around the campfire, “Guys…we climbed a freaking mountain.”

This has stuck with me since it was said.

Deep into the wilderness of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, my best friend and I were constantly in disbelief we were actually there.

We would pause in our exhausting (at times painful) hike and look around as we were surrounded by mountains and pines of incredible heights, somewhere I’ve always wanted to be.

We would pause and say “…we’re in Colorado..” and still I cannot believe we received this opportunity.

By the end of the trip I was happy to come home because I wanted to share my stories, I was exhausted, and like a baby I missed my bed. What is so important though is after I got home I immediately became filled with such bliss and thanksgiving. It finally hit me. We were in Colorado. And we climbed “a freaking mountain.”

This experience is one that I’ll have with me forever. I learned how to push past pain and limits. I obtained a stronger endurance. I spent time with people I did not know and through being together and looking out for each other for a week, we became a family. With no , or barely, contact with society or people from our personal lives, we just had each other.

How lucky are we to have had even the chance to climb a mountain. To camp under the stars. To make friends with very different yet all very wonderful people. To learn you do not need much more than what you can carry on your back to be happy. To see breathtaking views and realize how small you really are.

I am still in awe. Anytime you accomplish something huge you should feel unstoppable. Encouraged.

Like the metaphor of climbing a mountain, except the coolest thing is, we actually, literally did just that.


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