A Bird Out of a Cafe

First written as a typo, forever now a statement.

Being a bird out of a cage is one thing; confined, trapped in a space and finally breaking free with the freedom to do as you wish, go where you want to go.

I broke this down jokingly and it blossomed into a new favorite metaphor of mine.

Think of a café, comfortable, you could sit there for hours on end, perhaps you’d never want to leave.

What if in the middle of this calm environment where everyone else around you is content, you want something more.

Ambition and wonders are stirring inside you. So you leave.

That’s the thing about a bird out of a café vs. a cage, a café these birds can leave anytime they want, it’s just whether or not they do.

I have a spontaneous soul, maybe it gets me into trouble, but all I have seen is it has allowed me to experience so much. To me this is very important while I live this life.

There is nothing wrong with staying stagnant or being happy with where you are and not wanting to change it. That happiness is important too.

I’ve said I am happy wherever, which is true, I just also want to keep trying, doing, and be everything I want to be.

I say yes to a lot of opportunities and I like to try new things because one day I’ll be able to say yes, I. lived. I came. I saw. I loved. I lived. Life to me is a beautiful mystery, we won’t figure it out until we are gone. So until then I intend to enjoy it, whole-heartedly.

Everything that comes with it.

I do not want to put money before travel.

I do not want to be afraid.

I want to embrace my every day. Whether that means I stay in town or  travel the world. I want to break from the norm, from my quiet corner of comfort for as long as I shall live.


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