Wish You Would Learn to Love People & Use Things Not the Other Way Around


Why is it that more and more we are striving after what we want and stepping on people to get what we want?

Its not okay to hurt someone to get what you want. I don’t care if you believe in morals or not. It’s not okay.

Pulling someone into your life long enough to convenience you & then pushing them out when you have gotten what you wanted.

No. That’s not okay.

People are not things. People are not only collected moments and memories.

Just as you feel, so do they.

So if you are going to be dishonest with someone, don’t.

What is the blanket-blank point in bringing someone in and getting them emotionally involved just to turn away?

Get out of that habit of using people.

Get it in your head that we all matter and if you’re going to be a sketchy person, be up front about being a sketchy person. Don’t pretend to care so much for someone just to get what you want, leave that person alone. Go for someone who also does not care.









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