A Dull Pencil is Pointless

“I wish I didn’t have anything to worry about.”  You don’t. You actually don’t. Now you can tell me you’re worried about something out of your control, that’s understandable. I can very much sympathize and know there are some horrible things people go though and each day they even be wondering if it is their […]

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My best friend asked me what I thought of her, and how blessed I am to know these things are true. One day I want to think, ah yes, that was my best friend. Our souls will always be.   “I think of someone who is sure of herself, the attitude of not letting people […]

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& You’ve Just Got to Know

You’ve just got to know that life is all about these crazy happenings. When you’re sitting there with your head in your hands, I want you to please, please remember that everything you’re going through will make sense. There is so much to you. There is so much to each of us. The weird thing […]

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