A Dull Pencil is Pointless

“I wish I didn’t have anything to worry about.” 

You don’t. You actually don’t.

Now you can tell me you’re worried about something out of your control, that’s understandable. I can very much sympathize and know there are some horrible things people go though and each day they even be wondering if it is their last.

But even as I type this I could be studying instead. So. If I worry or stress about my upcoming assignments that is completely on me. If I’m so worried, I should change something about it.

And therefore, have nothing to worry about.

Because I chose to do what I am doing.

Worrying is this thing our minds do to trick us. We start freaking out about things that aren’t actually happening or they haven’t yet. 

That’s such a waste.

Because what do we know? 

Anything we want to do we have to put forth the effort. 

Anything that is hard is going to take some work. 

Whining about it(guilty) will get there you to your destination much slower.


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