Everything is alright & will be

What’s going to happen, what’s happening, what am I doing?

I tell myself.

My insides are raging daily with these thoughts.
But you know what I’ve noticed?
It’s never been such a big deal that it has ruled my life, my days.

I’m sitting here uncertain about my decisions and how things are going to go down here soon…

But you may not know it.
It isn’t like I smile a fake smile and cover up how I feel.

I just actually feel really good.

So what if I lost everything today?

I’d (hopefully) still be alive to enjoy whatever I had left.

If I were homeless why couldn’t I still be happy?

Why couldn’t I look back on everything that HAS happened and be ever so grateful?

Accept what is.

Stop freaking out about what isn’t, what “won’t” or “will”.

Because you don’t have control over that.

You can’t put everything on yourself and run around wearing yourself out.


You’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. It’s all fine.

And then beyond that guess what you’ll find…

It’s actually all super great.


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